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loving my dots

Loving My Dots helped me find JOY and FREEDOM 


Loving My Dots is here to promote connectivity among diversity. Launched by Nathalia Freitas in early 2019, Loving My Dots started as her attempt to reach out to people with similar stories but transformed into a journey of self-love because of her personal relationship with its cause.


Nathalia was born with Congenital Melanocytic Nevus, which is a non-genetic birthmark that can form on a person’s body. CMN left a birthmark covering 40% of her face plus moles, or satellites, all over her body. Her case is an example of a giant nevus, which occurs only once in 500,000 births. From ages nine months to 13 years old, Nathalia had many surgeries to remove her facial Nevus.


Hailing from south Brazil, Nathalia immigrated to Los Angeles, California in 2012 to continue her career as a marketing professional. After spending years in the Los Angeles rat race - working for one of the largest nonprofits in the country, Homeboy Industries, as a chef teacher for children in extracurricular activities in Los Angeles schools, and working in events - it dawned on her that life served another purpose.


In 2018, Nathalia began sharing her heartrending inspirational story on social media, drawing the attention of people and publications worldwide. Nathalia was asked to collaborate in the first women-led global Instagram takeover of the EmpowHer NY platform, highlighting her uniqueness and touching story. While visiting Brazil, Nathalia was invited to be a speaker and tell her story at various events and was interviewed at a local TV station in Porto Alegre, Brazil. ​


In February 2019, Nathalia was chosen to be featured in a short documentary by the British news agency Barcroft TV. The documentary will give viewers an inside peek at Nathalia’s life and will chronicle her role as a panelist in EmpowHer NY Talks event in New York City.


Not only is Nathalia the creator of Loving My Dots, but she also gives motivational speeches on building self-esteem and is a body positive advocate.


  • SXSW 2020 Panel: Disfigurement: An Identity
    SXSW 2020 Panel: Disfigurement: An Identity
    Mar 16, 2020, 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM
    Austin, Austin, TX, USA
  • A Heroína de Mil Faces: Como reconstruir a autoestima quando tudo parece dar errado?
    A Heroína de Mil Faces: Como reconstruir a autoestima quando tudo parece dar errado?
    Escola Livre
    Nov 21, 2019, 6:00 PM
    Escola Livre, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
    Eu nasci com uma mancha de nascença Nevus que cobria 40% do meu rosto, couro cabeludo e eu também tenho pintas pelo corpo todo. Eu sofri bullying quando era criança. Foi a época mais difícil da minha vida até quando algo aconteceu: Eu me aceitei, e a vida ficou mais fácil. ♥
  • EmpowHer NY Talks
    EmpowHer NY Talks
    New York
    Mar 28, 2019, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    New York, New York, NY, USA
    Join us for an evening of intimate conversation where a panel of women from all walks of life who will share their journey and overcoming challenges. Let’s inspire, support, and learn from one another. We can conquer our dreams, together and empowered!